Join our work experience project from anywhere

  • Show a burning desire and start Learning by Doing 

  • Embrace your mistakes and grow in confidence

  • Improve your skills and understand yourself better

Current Situation

Companies complain of a “skills gap”, but actually graduates face an “experience gap”



Chance given

Chance given

We are looking for highly motivated and proactive people to join our remote team, to believe in our mission and to help us grow our company.



Transparent Process

We don’t require a CV or many years of experience. We assess all candidates based on their desire to learn new skills and their motivation to contribute to our goals.




We offer 30 days of volunteer work so you can experience firsthand our company in action and gain an understanding of our corporate values.



Remote Working

Work with the team remotely. You will be given different tasks to your colleagues and will take responsibility for your results. Prove you really believe in the company’s cause.



Get to know yourself better

Spend a month or two with a team working on real projects and picking up the soft skills that employers are looking for. You’ll become more aware of yorself and your potential.

Student Benefits

  • Flexible lifestyle
  • Better health and wellness
  • Real Passion for your job
  • Better focus and high productivity levels
  • Commit to the team and grow as a family
  • Trust and Respect


of Remote Workers agreed that their stress was reduced
Quality of Life Survey. By Dr. Peter Thirst MIT - Cambridge, MA

Employer Benefits

  • Higher productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Engaged employees
  • Increased Annual Income
  • Help more students to develop their professional skills
  • Trust and Respect

“In thirty years’ time, as technology moves forward even further, people are going to look back and wonder why offices ever existed.”

– Richard Branson


We are Fluid7 – a web solutions company and We are building a distributed team, so you can work from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

We believe customer joy and employee joy alike should be the aim and core of a company’s existence. We are changing the way companies innovate and build great products.

We are looking for someone who has a “can do” attitude and looks to build a reputation of delivering superb work, again and again.

Let your work speak for itself.

Open positions

Digital Marketing​

What will you do?

  • Manage Social channels and create marketing campaigns. Send newsletters and create both triggered and transactional emails.
  • Create thoughtful, personalized triggered communications that will drive customer engagement, maintain the fun, accessible nature of the Fluid7 brand, and support the company’s strategic goals.
  • Analyse the performance of email strategies and campaigns and drive continuous optimization of performance
  • Use analytics to form decisions; A/B test, analyse results and build updates accordingly.

How to Apply?

Fill up The Experience Application Form below.


What will you do?

  • Your core mission with be to influence decisions makers through compelling language
  • Craft the content for all Marketing campaigns and newsletters adopting and contributing to the brand identity
  • Research story ideas and pitch them at editorial meetings and Write SEO-focused how-to content
  • Help out with innovative experimental content, like writing a script for a video or other creative ideas and innovations

How to Apply?

Fill up The Experience Application Form below.

Sales Assistant

What will you do?

  • Collaborate with the team in claiming and responding to all inbound client inquiries.
  • Research clients to better connect with them, understand their needs, and identify critical business opportunities. Create thoughtful, personalized triggered communications that will drive customer engagement, maintain the fun, accessible nature of the Fluid7 brand, and support the company’s strategic goals.
  • Remain highly knowledgeable about industry trends, market activities, and competitors.
  • Leverage strategic partnerships to add value to our clients and to drive business growth.

How to Apply?

Fill up The Experience Application Form below.

Web Designer

What will you do?

  • Help evolve the Fluid7 brand system through style guides, templates, iconography, typography, illustrations, and visual imagery
  • Work with Marketing to define, design, and deliver landing pages on Fluid7 Projects
  • Communicate the value and mission of Fluid7 in design, icons, and illustration
  • Create design deliverables for social, newsletter, and marketing campaigns

How to Apply?

Fill up The Experience Application Form below.

Show what you can do, prove your desire to learn.. and you are IN

The Experience Application Form

  • If you want to apply for any of the positions we currently have available, please follow the Application Form link below. You will have to share your Name and Email, indicate the position you are interested in and answer all of our curious questions.

What to expect next

Step-one: Our first meeting

  • After you submit the form our team will discuss your application and invite you to an online meeting to get know more about you.

Step-two: Let’s get started

  • Depending on the outcome of the online meeting, we will contact you to announce your starting date.

Stage One

First Day

  • Meet our team and see how we work
  • Setup your local environment and tooling
  • We’ll quickly assess your abilities and Assign your first tasks
  • We'll ask you to guess how long your tasks will take

First Week

  • Present your progress and your ideas for next steps
  • Participate in discussion of your teammate’s ideas
  • Shoot holes in our products and processess and suggest improvements

First Month

  • Work closely with the team to ship a large feature
  • You will be given a unique and measurable task from which your success will be measured
  • You will be given a constant feedback to let you know what your mistakes are and how to improve
  • We will share the reasoning behind decisions we made, and add planned improvements for the next project

Stage Two

End of First Month

  • We will have a discusion about how you feel, how you perform and what will be the future steps.
  • If both sides agree to future collaboration, the next stage will be a paid working experience

Second Month

  • You will be able to organise your work and create your own tasks
  • You will be paid according to your success

Who you’ll work with:

  • Jon
    Director of Fluid7
  • James
    Technical Lead
  • Dzhuliana
    Web designer/developer
  • Hardik
    Software Engineer
  • Aman
    Client/Systems Support

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