"It always seems impossible until it's done"

At Fluid7 we foster a ‘determined’ environment within our team. Creativity and innovation flow from every challenge and because of that we enjoy our work and each other’s company. We’re on a constant journey of development and finding the next new tool for our arsenal keeps the enthusiasm for our work and hunger for learning sharp.

Space for ideas to grow and flow

We have an inclusive approach within our studio, believing that it’s important that we’re all aware of what’s going on, both with projects and with the company as a whole. It’s also important that we can quickly communicate within our team to remain agile and keep development flowing.  

So we designed our studio with an open environment, incorporating our lovely Herman Miller 120 degree desk clusters to allow us to have eye contact with everyone in the team without leaving our seats! The result is fewer meetings, improved collaboration and a strong, united team. Headphones and scheduled collaboration time slots ensure everyone has the head space needed for code writing.

No man’s an island

Whilst we each have specialist roles and responsibilities within the company, we’re keen to tackle any problems that arise as a team.

Often just talking an issue over with another person allows us to discover the solution ourselves, but if not then you’ll find us deep in discussion or pair-programming to beat the blocker. We’ve even got a retro honky-horn for when we overcome a stubborn issue (and beers in the fridge), so if you hear something unusual it’s just the sound of success!