I’m excited to share with you a new venture – Four Iron Golf Shop – that has just gone live.


Four Iron Golf Shop“Four Iron is a shift away from traditional golf shops, clothing and websites. It is targeted at the person who may be surfing or mountain biking one day, who then plays a game of golf the next day. Rather than trying to pigeonhole people by their specific pastimes, Four Iron is connected with the whole lifestyle.”

I’ve teamed up with Loose-fit Ltd. to fill this gaping chasm. There are several more product lines yet to be added over the forthcoming weeks, including a small range of ‘Four Iron’ branded collared shirts and t-shirts. In the meantime, however, the website is fully transactional so if anything does tickle your fancy by all means place an order!!! We need to pop our cherry!!!


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Jonathan Adjei

Jon's expertise in web development is legendary and he oversees all technical aspects of our projects from development to hosting (all through the command line!) Jon is excited by the latest techniques and keeps the company on track by finding ways to adopt new practices into our workflow.