Designer Ben Merrington got us onboard to deliver his designs for the This redesign for The Talent Business, provider of senior talent to communications agencies and creative businesses around the globe, needed to utilise the latest web-tech. The result is smooth HTML5 & CSS3 transitions, some pretty special Ajax content loading and all built on our in-house CMS.


On the outside

This really was an exciting contract to work on. Not only are the designs great, but the requirement to make the experience as slick as possible allowed us to get really geeky with the latest techniques. Take a look at the site,, to check out some of the features:

  • Smooth fades between new content, smooth rollovers on the home page, and smooth menus in the main site. It’s all very smooth…
  • When in the main site, we load all content via AJax meaning the page doesn’t have to load the entire page each time. Instead, when you click a link, you’ll notice that only the content that is changing fades in and out, the header and menu remain visible at all times. Getting really geeky, we even update the web address using Ajax so the page name changes so you always know where you are in the site.
  • We also created some neat contact cards to appear when you hover over a member of staff, allowing the core layout to remain clean whilst providing some extra contact details when required.

As well as using HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax to create the required experience, we also made sure as much of the experience could be recreated using JQuery (if the visitors browser doesn’t support HTML5).


On the inside

Building this on our in-house CMS helped us deliver the functional requirements of the clients, including:

  • Handling the profile images automatically. Our CMS auto-crops images to fit the designs and desaturates them to allow them to appear in greyscale. So staff don’t need to get into Photoshop to update a profile.
  • Staff profiles and other core content can also be created once and used many times, allowing TTB admin to reuse content across the site without the hassle of duplicating and managing multiple content.
  • Our CMS’s multi-theme system also allowed us to create the CREAM microsite from within the same CMS. Allowing all content to be managed through one system whilst looking pretty different on the outside.


The beauty of this project for us is that it uses advanced techniques to subtly improve the vistors experience without shouting too hard that under the surface it’s doing stuff pretty differently to conventional sites. If you like what you see and have a potential project, or want to get geeky and chat more about the tech involved, please throw your comments below!


Matt Martin

Matt's the Creative Director at FLUID7 and loves all things geek. From PHP to negative space, Smart Objects to CSS Inheritance. For most projects Matt is the bridge between clients and the team and helps to connect the clients expectations with the skills of team to deliver effective solutions that fuse design and functionality. Privileged to work with super-skilled geeks, it's always exciting to see how the latest tech can be harnessed for new projects.