I found myself wanting to create an extra FTP user for one of my Plesk machines that would only have access to a subdirectory of one of the machine’s domains.

It turns out this isn’t as tricky as I made it!

If you create a new OS user giving them the same user ID number as the primary FTP user and the Plesk group ‘psacln’, they have the same privileges. Giving them a home directory of the subdirectory instead of the primary user’s home directory chroots them inside it.. perfect.

1. Determine the uid number of the primary user (bob)

# cat /etc/passwd | grep bob

2. Create the new user with the same uid number, group, and shell (if you wish) but with a new home directory.

# useradd -u 10021 -o -d /home/httpd/vhosts/bob.org/httpdocs/bobs_subdir -g psacln -s /bin/false bob
# passwd bob

Give them a password and you’re done!

Thanks to this post on the SWSoft forums

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