I’m currently building a new server for a client and am finding great success using the top notch tools from atomic rocket turtle. (Atomic Corp)

By using Scott’s AOOI script I have managed to install CentOS 4.4 on one of 1and1’s Business Server IIs along with PHP 5 and mysql 5. Taking a backup of the Plesk key before doing so, I was able to install a fresh Plesk 8.2 and have a bang up to date, future proofed box with all the features of the 1and1 build (64 bit, dual core, RAID1 etc.).

  1. Login as root and then…
    # wget http://3es.atomicrocketturtle.com/tests/aooi-installer.sh
    # chmod +x aooi-installer.sh
  2. I actually needed to mod the script a little to get it to run happily as the mirror for the CentOS image was defunct
    Open aooi-installer.sh in vi (or equivalent) and replace the url
    save and start the install
    # ./aooi-installer.sh
  3. A good way of getting a feel for what should be happening and when can be had from the excellent video provided by Scott.
    It shows two consoles open.. one running the install script, and one logged in from the serial console (superb 1and1 feature) keeping a running commentary on what is happening on the box.

The guys over at Atomic Corp are doing some really great work on hardening web servers based on Plesk, and I can’t recommend their ASL – Atomic Secured Linux subscription yum channel enough.

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