Part 1
Retrieve the full license key from Plesk using the web control panel License Manager.
Backup and download the key.
# cp /etc/psa/psa.key /var/www/vhosts/<domain>/httpdocs/
Visit http://<domain>/psa.key
Part 2
Then run the offline installer script…
wget -q -O - |sh
or tweak it slightly…
# wget
# chmod +x

Edit the script
# vi

Run the install
# ./
Open a serial console and watch what happens during reboots etc.

Part 3
Login as root with password ‘atomic555’
Change the root password
# passwd
Copy my firewall scripts to server and customise with new machinename
Make them all executable
# chmod +x /root/fw.on /root/fw.on /root/ /root/ /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall_off

Write and install an iptables firewall
# ./

Part 4
Install latest Plesk (don’t use auto-installer psa_installer_v3.2.0_build070705.20_os_CentOS_4.3_x86_64 – busted)
# wget
# chmod +x psa_installer_v3.1.2_build070321.17_os_CentOS_4_x86_64
# ./psa_installer_v3.1.2_build070321.17_os_CentOS_4_x86_64

You can login to plesk at https://<domain>:8443/
user: admin
pass: setup
Once you’ve logged in change your password

Part 5
Add yourself a user account so you don’t have to login as root
# useradd <username>
# passwd <username>

If you’re going to be using the Plesk migration manager, add your new user to the ‘wheel’ group and enable sudo
# usermod -a -G wheel <username>
uncomment %wheel line in /etc/sudoers

Part 6
Update yum to use atomic channel and run an update
# wget -q -O - | sh
# yum update

If it complains about dependencies involving php-pear
# yum install php-pear
# yum update

Part 7
Make sure you are using all the latest conf files. Use my ‘’ manager script to speed the job.
Make sure httpd service is running (probably have to move /etc/php.d/ioncube-loader.ini)

Part 8
Buy and install ASL channel
# wget -q -O - |sh

Further tweaks
Set kernel to attempt reboot (panic) on oops

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